Did you know that the average human being will swear over 30,000 times in their driving lives? Or that most car horns in America honk in the key of F? How about the fact that Subaru car manufacturing plants are "zero landfill," which means that every piece of waste is either turned into electricity or recycled?

The automotive world is filled with interesting factoids and trivia. But it is also filled with new automotive technologies that are improving everything from manufacturing techniques to car safety features to enhanced vehicle maintenance programs and diagnostic services. Subaru dealers in the United States are helping to push the envelope for sustainability that does not compromise quality, and environmental responsibility that can still produce an awesome car.

Subaru dealers in this country can also boast one of the only vehicle lines to exclusively use a flat engine, sometimes called a "boxer." Unlike the more common "straight" engines, whose valves guide pistons vertically to generate force, a boxer engine sends its pistons horizontally in opposing directions (much like a boxer, punching his gloves together before a fight). This innovation allows engines to stop fighting gravity and generate more reliable force to the flywheel, creating a much smoother ride with less vibration and more stability.

Add to all that a resale value about 3% higher than the national average, and you have a car that helps the environment, runs more smoothly and efficiently, and is an all around smarter investment than many of its competitors.

But Internet talk is cheap. A list of facts, no matter how quirky, interesting, or compelling, cannot take the place of experience. Talk to Subaru dealers in your area and set up a test drive. And feel free to leave your thoughts and impressions in the comments below.

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