The Financial and Safety Benefits of Purchasing a Subaru

subaru guaranteed trade in programIn 2011, there were over 250 car models that were available to purchase in the United States, and these cars were offered by over 100 different manufacturers. Subaru is one of these manufacturers, and offers about 20 different types of cars and SUVs. Subaru is the 22nd largest vehicle producer in the world, with operations in the United States, Philippines, and Canada. Subaru new automotive technologies are utilized to produce motorsport and diesel vehicles, along with its gas powered car models.

Subaru cars are considered some of the best new cars on the market today, and some people feel that this is true of certified preowned Subaru cars as well. If you have been considering a Subaru, then think of the advantages and benefits that are offered to you when purchasing from a Subaru dealership.

1. Subaru cars feature boxer engines. These engines allow pistons to move horizontally in a fashion that the moving parts look like punches thrown by a boxer. Subaru has been using boxer engines in their vehicles for the last 45 years. The motor helps to increase the output of the engine, while also keeping the motor relatively small. This helps to provide the same power in smaller Subaru vehicles that can be seen in vehicles produced with much larger engines.

2. Subaru offers the Subaru guaranteed trade in program. This program allows Subaru owners to trade their older Subaru models for newer ones. The value of the used vehicle is guaranteed at a certain amount as long as the car is considered in good or great condition. The trade-in value of the car is determined by Subaru, and dealers are asked to honor the determined car value. Individuals who have Subaru cars can contact the company directly to find out how much their cars are worth through the Subaru guaranteed trade in program. In most cases, the Subaru guaranteed trade in program offers substantially more money than other vehicle trade-in amounts.

3. All Subaru vehicles come with all-wheel drive. This provides superior safety over vehicles that offer either front or rear drive functions. The Subaru car safety features keep vehicles from sliding or slipping when drivers come into contact with snowy and icy road conditions. Also, the all-wheel drive means that vehicle owners do not need to switch their cars into four-wheel drive when they drive on snow. The increased traction with the all-wheel drive also helps to reduce the incidence of Subaru vehicles getting stuck in mud or in ditches.

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