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You probably already know a thing or two about Subarus if you're thinking about buying one. For that matter, if you want to buy a Subaru, you probably already know that it's generally one of the most reliable cars on the road right now. After all, about 96% of all Subaru vehicles sold within the past 10 years are still fully operational and on the road today. But what about going beyond the veneer of the Subaru? Is there more to this car, which seems in many ways rather functional but maybe not the most exciting on the road?

Well, as any experienced Subaru dealers will tell you, there is a lot more to this vehicle than what may initially meet the eye. That's actually what we're delving into below: what exactly sets this car apart from all the others on the market? With that in mind, let's talk about some of the most interesting facts that you should know as you consider buying a Subaru.

1. Its Name Is Derived from a Constellation

Let's start out with a genuinely fun fact, and one that a lot of used Subaru dealers love because it's a great story. Both the name and the logo of the Subaru are derived from the Pleiades constellation, otherwise known as the Seven Sisters constellation. Known as one of the brightest in the sky (you can see why the Subaru manufacturers chose it) Pleiades has a deeper meaning in connection to the company. In conjunction with Subaru's logo, it refers to the five companies that merged to created FujiHeavy industries. They can be compared to the Seven Sisters. Furthermore, "Subaru" is Japanese for "united".

2. Subaru Connects with Animals

Subaru takes giving back to the community very seriously, and in this case, one of its principal causes as a company is animal welfare. Since 2008, Subaru has been an ASPCA partner and has given $16.5 million to aid in the organization's efforts. Furthermore, almost 1,100 pet adoption events have been supported by Subaru, which has led to nearly 17,000 animals being adopted. It's no wonder then that Subarus are generally viewed as some of the most pet-friendly cars on the market, with dogs having a much easier time getting in and out of and traveling in these cars as opposed to others. If you have a dog that you often travel with, you should definitely consider Subarus for sale.

3. Their All-Wheel Drive Is Unique

When discussing a car with Subaru dealers, you may want to ask about Subaru's all-wheel drive. Don't be surprised if you end up talking about it for a while, however -- this is perhaps one of the most unique aspects of a Subaru, and something that many dealers and owners are rightfully passionate about. Better traction, balance, and control are offered by the Subaru's symmetrical all-wheel drive. It's actually the only type of vehicle on the market with this kind of drive, and it allows the car to go almost anywhere.

4. The Resale Value Is Excellent

When buying a Subaru for the first time, you might not be thinking of resale value. But you should always consider a car's resale value. A brand new car begins losing value as soon as it leaves the lot; and if you bring your car back to your dealership to resell shortly after buying it, you may be surprised by how much its value has dropped. But this issue is significantly curbed with Subaru. If you take your car back to your Subaru dealer, you may actually be surprised by how much it has retained its value. According to Kelley Blue Book, the Subaru had the Best Resale Value of all brands in 2016, and the car's resale value has not dropped much since then.

There are clearly a lot of benefits to buying a Subaru, and more to the car and the company than what may have initially met the eye. So why not head down to your local dealership and see what they can offer? You might be surprised again by what you see.

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