Safe, Economical Subarus

There's no denying that Subaru values safety as much as its customers, if not more. Not only did this automaker start safety testing vehicles in the 1960s, long before it was standard practice, but its proven record of safety is unparalleled in the automotive world.
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Subaru Has A Record Month In June

Subaru of America, Inc. has reported record sales for the month of June. This shows that the car manufacturer has become a favorite and perhaps it has to do with the wide range of vehicles, the all-wheel drive, and the overall look and feel of being inside of a Subaru.

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Why Are Subaru Customers So Loyal?

Subaru started in Japan and transitioned to the US when Subaru of America was established in Philadelphia in 1968. Since then, it's become an extremely popular brand with highly loyal customers. Here are some reasons why Subarus keep people coming back for more: 

Eco Friendly 
Lafeyette, Indiana's plant was the first auto assembly plant to reach zero landfill status. The state-of-the-art facility looks more like a nature park than a factory, and the…
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Subaru Dealerships: Three Things Why Subarus Are So Popular

 Sometimes it seems as though Subaru dealerships can't sell their new and used Subaru cars fast enough. Subarus are consistently rated one of the finest economy cars on the market. Its stellar car safety features and impressive reusability qualities are just two of the many features that make Subarus so popular. In October of last month alone, for example, roughly 43,000 Subaru cars were sold in the United States. Americans hold Subaru to…
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Rearview Camera and Rollover Sensors: A Few Reasons Why Subarus are the Way to Go

Subaru cars do more than just go from point A to point B. They provide peace of mind and make for a great drive.

Subarus are known for a number of things. Their car safety features; their pristine parts; their boxer engines; their affordability; their all-wheel drive capabilities; and their great customer service. Subaru -- whose parent company, Fuji Heavy Industries, was founded exactly one hundred years ago, albeit under a different name -- always has the…
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Subaru's Logo is Based on a Star Cluster: Three Things We Bet You Didn't Know About Subaru

Subaru is one of the most popular import car brands in the U.S.; known for reliability, affordability, and comfortableness, Subaru manufactures some of the nicest cars around. Subaru car parts and features are highly-ranked and readily available in any Subaru dealer.

Though its reputation is well-known, Subaru has a unique and substantial history many people may not be aware of. Here are three facts that are sure to run your engine:

  1. Subaru's logo…
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Two Futuristic Car Safety Features

Can you imagine a car that senses an accident is about to happen? What about a car that automatically depresses the brakes to prevent dangerous collisions? In a sense, we are already living in the future. High-tech, defensive car safety mechanisms already exist -- and they have saved and continue to save thousands of lives. Here are just a few of the most futuristic car safety features to keep an eye out for:

Collision Warning And…
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